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 2 Shall Become 1 WEDDINGS Coordinator is the guarantee that the special moments of your wedding are uninterrupted and also the safety net for any part of your wedding that takes an unpredicted turn. Ultimately a wedding coordinator is the insurance that allows you to make memories instead of worrying about the myriad of decisions and facets of your day's events.

Elegance Edge Expertise

As a Certified Wedding Coordinator I will provide consultation, organization, planning and connecting clients with vendors. My objective is to help to relieve stress and time with the details of planning a wedding.

2 Shall Become 1 Weddings goal is to ensure that deadlines are completed in a professional and timely manner while keeping with the originality, class and style of today’s trends.

Establishing a wedding where guests and family will remember for its elegance, uniqueness and overall experience.

2 Shall Become 1 Weddings
will provide support to the client in areas where special skills and knowledge are valuable i.e. venue, ceremony, photographer, videographer, florist, cake, DJ and other various areas where planning a wedding is concern.

My wedding planning services are fair and competitively priced to suit your budget.

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