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Celebrated another Milestone with Elegance

One thing you have to remember when working with a low budget, you need to ask yourself where I can cut cost and at the same time have an elegant event. When I had planned my milestone birthday party, I look to see where I can save time and money.

Starting with the venue, how can I get what I want at a reasonable price? First I find out how much it will cost per person and what I can get for that. Keep in mind most venues charges not only for food per person but what kind of service and if you are providing a bar, what that total cost would be.

With my birthday party I researched various venues and I came up with one (RED ROSE CONVENTION CENTER) in Mississauga that was willing to work with me and within my budget. It was also a special time of the year where a lot of parties are taking place, i.e. New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. So I choose a date that did not fall within that time of celebrations because for one thing most venues do not want you to carry your own bar and for me not everyone that was invited to my birthday party drinks. So I wanted to carry my own bar by purchasing a SOP license and buying my drinks on that license. If any drinks remain and it was not open, I was able to return them and get back my money for what wasn't used. I was able to save money in this area. What type of service, i.e. buffet, butler service etc. Since my event was a small function, I choose the buffet style service because it was cheaper.

The next thing I looked for was my decorations and again at a one stop shopping plus a home base business. With a home base business, you can work with the person to get better deals. I was able to work with K & M Party Décor and they were able to provide me with the most elegant and affordable items for my party. Please see below pictures of my event.

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