Weddings Among Covid-19

Many unfortunate changes and cancellations have occurred during the Covid-19 pandemic including the interruption of weddings. Years and months of planning and financial sacrifices for a dream wedding come to a halt with future uncertainty and frustration. I sympathize with the brides and grooms.

However, not all hope is gone and it seems that phases 2 and onward are being put forth into action. This means that although some venues will accept weddings to proceed, there will still be some stipulations as to what can and cannot transpire. It now comes down to alternative options in regards to how important you want to get married and how soon. Perhaps a wedding was planned to include relatives flying in from another country, or a specific destination to solidify the union of love. Weddings now are getting more creative and many are following suit. The use of live webcams for example are helping loved ones view the ceremony even if they can’t be physically there. There are also drive through services for guest to park and view the wedding from their vehicle.

It may take a little more planning, or you can let me finish it off for you. No matter what you decide, make sure you take the opportunity to do your research and follow through with a solid decision pertaining to your wedding strategy. You want those memories to share and keep, don’t deprive yourself from that because of Covid-19. If life throws you lemons, then might as well make a lemon cake.

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