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Select a Wedding Package Below

Wedding Consultation

* Venues Ideas

* Ceremony Ideas

* Theme development

* Wedding budget

* Set time-line schedules

*Décor and Styles ideas, etc.

Day or Month Coordination

* Attend and manage rehearsal

* Create  wedding day time-lines

* Confirm vendors and coordinate all 

  details on the actual day

* All day assistant and coordinator

  will be provided

* Provide on-site wedding emergency kit

* Check the venue to see that

  everything is set up

* Coordinate, manage and trouble-shoot on 

  the couple’s wedding day, etc.

Full Wedding Coordination

* Develop and manage wedding budget

* Research vendors and venues

* Develop itinerary/time-line schedule

* Provide wedding day emergency kit

* Manage guest list, RVSP’s and gifts

* Discuss and recommend locations &  

  themes for rehearsal dinner

* Schedule appointments for various

  vendors and venues around the couple’s


* Supervise reception and coordinate details

  of reception with venue

* Hotel Accommodations

* Coordinate and manage everything on the

  wedding day from start to finish

*All day assistant will be provided

*Wedding day time-line schedule, etc.

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